Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tip #2 - What are you going to write about?

The best kind of blog is one that has a focused theme (like this one). That way you can draw concentrated ads (we'll talk about that in the future). However, the most important thing to remember is that you don't have to break news stories or be controversial with what you write. What you have to do in order to draw traffic and bring people back to the blog is write regularly. Some say to "post as often as you eat" but if you can't do that, it is recommended that when you do post, you make sure that your posts are good, and worth a reader's time. I'm sure that you will know that you should avoid blogorrhea - and I'm sure that you can guess what that is. Most people say to write about something you are passionate about. Here are some types of blogs that you can do.

Personal Blog: This is the most popular type of blog because anyone anywhere can sit down and write about their life. In addition to talking about personal lives, people discuss projects they're working on, a diet, a narrative journal, and other experiences. If you want to blog about the company you work for and your boss - be careful.

Family Blog: For a family that is spread out across the country, the easiest way to communicate may be across the internet. Families can share family photos, product reviews, recipes, and most importantly news. Another plus is that instead of sending emails with big attachments, items can be posted right up on the web.

Product Review Blog: Books, music, electronics, all have to be bought by people. So why not review items that you have in order to draw traffic and gain readers? Make sure that the reviews are well researched and in depth.

Hobby Blog: Are you passionate about something? A hobby perhaps? Then write about the hobby! There are probably plenty of people around the world with the same hobby as you.

Genre Blog: These blogs talk about a certain subject. For instance, Political, Legal, Fashion, and Travel Blogs would fall into this category.

Photo, Video, or Link Blog: These types of blogs are self-explanatory. They consist of only photos, videos, or links. In order to stand out, the photos and videos should be original.

Good Luck!

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