Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tip #15 - Advertise Your Blog Using Different Methods in 2015

 With this post, I will help you gather ideas and inspiration on how best to advertise your blog and get its name out there. There are several unconventional ways to do this, all of which have helped this blog itself rise up in Google's Pagerank.

1) Comments - Commenting on other people's blogs will draw the blog owner's to your blog as well as driving readers of those blogs to your blog (if you include your blog address). If you leave comments that are well written, nice, and coherent, people will want to check out your blog. If your content is good and interesting, they'll keep coming back.

2) Forums - Use forums that are in your blog's niche as a way to bring in boat loads of visitors to your site. Be sure to include your blog's address in your signature, and search for topics that you have addressed in your blog. Be sure not to post so many times that you are spamming the board.. that will take away readers. Add to the conversation, then post a link to a relevant blog.

3) Real World - You can print up business cards and go to local shops / stores, or conferences / meetups and give out the card with your website address on it.

4) Exchange Links - I think I have gone over this already, but it is worth reiterating. Exchanging links is VERY important and helps draw traffic to your blog which otherwise might never have found it. Personally, I only link to sites that are of good quality and also have the same niche (blogging).

Good luck!

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