Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tip #8 - What Visitors Look for On a Blog or Website

I was sitting in one of my technology classes today, when the Professor (who has a Doctorate in Information Science and does research in the Tech Field) started talking about what people look for when they search the web for a certain type of website. There are questions that are asked once a website is found.

  • Who can you trust?
  • Who is the authority on the website?
  • Who says so?
  • What evidence is there that this information is correct?

According to a survey taken by a major magazine (The professor didn't say which one), there are certain things people look for in determining whether a website or blog can be trusted.
Here they are:
  • They look at the domain name. If it a .com, .net, etc. they are more willing to trust it then if the domain was from a free site (but you can trust me :) )
  • They look at the design of the graphics on the website
  • They look at the Navigation that is provided to move around on the website
  • They look at the Links and other tools on the website. The links should be working.
  • They look at its currency - How current is the website? Has it been updated recently?
  • They look at the breadth or depth of the information contained on the site.
  • Finally, they look at the authority. Who is writing the blog or website?
Hopefully you can incorporate these tips in your blog or website.

I would like any feedback you have on the new template for the blog? Is it good? Bad?

Good luck!

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