Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tip #17 - Do Your Readers Know Who Writes Your Blog?

You certainly know the person who writes your blog. But do your readers know him / her? Your blog doesn't need a full auto-biography about you, the author of the stories. However, a few sentences are good for readers as writings that are simply anonymous don't hold much water for people if they don't know anything about the author. Moreover, people want to know your credentials and see if they should be reading what you write. Will people believe something about deli meats that they read from someone who works for a baseball team? (I used deli because I work in one)

On that same level, a picture is helpful, for as one blog writer put it: "It offers a more personable impression of the author. You enhance your credibility by the simple fact that you're not trying to hide. Also, users relate more easily to somebody they've seen."

Good luck blogging!

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