Monday, January 15, 2007

Tip #5 - Track Those Visitors

Now that you have your writing up on your blog and you've added yourself to sites which will help you gain traffic, your next step is to track your visitors. Unfortunately for Blogspot users, there is no included way for blog owners to track the people that come to their blog. Don't worry though, there are plenty of good, free options.

Google Analytics:
This is the first one because, well, its the best one. It offers in-depth analysis, as well as showing the locations of your visitors, how many are unique and returning visitors, and from where the visitors were referred to your blog. Here's a screenshot of Google Analytics.

StatCounter - This free site offers almost as many tools as Google. However, I had trouble configuring it on this blog. Here's a screenshot:

Once you pick a website to supply you with data on your visitors, just copy and paste the code they give you anywhere in your HTML source.

Those are the two major stat counters for bloggers because of their ease of use and how good they are. If you want more options, go here.

Good luck!

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