Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tip #7 - How to make $$

Money. It's every blogger's dream to make money off his / her blog. How do I know? A majority of the blogs on the internet have banners, ads, and other signs that show they are trying to get money from their work. And who doesn't? I must admit, the ads on this site are meant as a means to help me pay for college at least a little bit. But it isn't easy to "get rich quick." You need to invest a lot of time into your blog, and let time take its course before you can expect any reasonable income. For instance, after 5 days up, and over 500 visitors, the ads over this blog made 8 cents. Yup. That is going to take a huge chunk out of my college bills.

Adsense: One of the most popular services is Google Adsense. There are referrals and pay-per-clicks. For both you are required to put links / buttons on your blog. For referrals, the visitor has to download the program in order to be paid. But it can be quite lucrative. For people who refer users to Adsense, when a referred visitor makes their first $100, SO DO YOU. But it can be hard. For pay-per-clicks, you get paid a certain amount of money every time a visitor just clicks on an ad on your blog. Thats it. Depending on what type of blog you run, the ads will vary in price. There are certain keywords that must be in your blog that can get you very high paying ads, but how and why you get those ads is (most of the time) luck. The service is simple to sign up for, use, and get paid by. Every time you make $100, you get a check in the mail.

Yahoo! YPN: This review will be short because I do not use it, it is still in beta, and it apparently does not accept blogs with little traffic. They money you can make with YPN has been reported to be equal or greater then that of Adsense. For more about Yahoo, Go Here.

Amazon Associates: Run by Amazon.Com, this is like Adsense Referrals, where the visitor has to buy a book or product for you to get any kind of money from the deal. For a small time blogger, this is hardly worth the space that it will take up on the blog. For more information, Go Here.

CJ.Com: CJ stands for Commission Junction, where you get a monthly check no matter how much money you have earned.

Text-Link-Ads.Com: This site sells you exactly what is says: Text-Link-Ads. It displays a block of text link ads anywhere on your page and the amount you get per click depends on how many ads you have displayed. For more information, Go Here.

While the last few ads are short, there is a perfectly good reason for that: They are not really good for the small time blogger, which I assume is my biggest reader. Adsense is good for the small people. Feel free to click helplessly on one of the links at the top of the page if you enjoy my advice; I'll return the favor.

Good luck making money!

In another post about money, I will write about ad placement.
If you have any questions or blog requests, just leave a comment.

For more information about earning money: http://adsense-alert.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-can-i-earn-from-google-adsense.html


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