Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tip #15.5 - Surviving in the Blogging World

Every half second, a new blog is born. Thats right. According to CNet and Technorati, someone around the world makes a new blog every half second. How do you survive and stand out from the rest?

1) Submit posts to "article directories". They are websites which post your articles and link to your blog, sending you visitors. A good one is

2) Contact other bloggers that share your interest / topic area and ask about guest writing on each others blogs.

3) Create some sort of contest for your blog. Have a Blog Carnival (more later on about that). They draw visitors to your blog. Some questions to ask about the contest though, from
  • How easy is it to enter the contest
  • How fun is it to participate in the contest
  • What rewards and incentives can be won
  • How to generate the first few participants for the contest
  • How easy is it to spread the word about the contest
Thats the end of my quick post... Good luck!

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