Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tip #7.25 - More ways to make $$

Since the post on services that can help your blog make money was so popular, I decided to make a second post on the topic. This time, I will spotlight two websites that can be useful once your blog gains traffic.

Dclick Ads: Dclick Ads is a website that is new to the market. However, it features services that rival that of Adsense, while mixing in the features of other ad services. It features the ability to get banners, text link ads, or links embedded right into the text of your blog. It is both pay-per-click and pay-per-impression (it is up to the advertiser). That means that you can get paid for visitors clicking on ads, or just by having a lot of people viewing the ads.

Because of the variety of services, there are more opportunities to make money from Dclick Ads. There are two negatives to using this service. The first is that if space on your blog is used for a month, you don't get paid until a month AFTER the ad goes off your blog. The second, which may not be much of a problem, is that this service only pays to US Residents.

It is easy to sign up as an advertiser too! You can sign up for free, and then do a search for websites that fit the amount of money you want to pay to post an ad. In other words, you choose how much you want to pay, the websites that your ad goes on, how long the ads stay up, and more. Because of all the opportunities for bloggers to make money / get traffic, I would have to say that Dclick Ads is a good alternative to the other ad agencies.

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