Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tip #7.5 - More ways to make $$

Advantage Processors: I would only read on if you think that your blog has the capability to help you sell something. Advantage Processors is a website that helps small-time people who have something to sell. If you want to sell something from your blog, how do get payment? Instead of waiting for paypal, a check, or a money order, instead, Advantage Processors gives people a way to accept credit cards on their website.

Using Advantage Processors gives the smalltime blogger an advantage - it has been proven that when people know they can use a credit card, customers SPEND MORE money. If you are trying to see if you can create a business or just make money because of a hobby, using this site would be a way to test the waters before putting all your money into something that may fail. You can sell directly from your blog.

Well, thats it for today. If you have any requests for blogs, just leave me a comment.

Good luck!

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