Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tip #9 - Add A Custom Header (For Blogspot Users)

Tired of the bland, old Text that serves as the Header for your blog? Well, I will teach you how to edit the CSS Code so that you can use your own Header.

First, create your own Header. You can use Cooltext.Com, Photoshop, or another resource. Upload the image to a site, as described in this post.

The Code: Now that you have your image uploaded, it time to edit the HTML. Under 'Template' go to 'Edit HTML'. Search for the text "#header-wrapper {" . Once you find it, four lines down there will be a line beginning with border. After that line, insert the following code:

background: url(http://your image address.jpg) no-repeat;
height: 130px;

If you would like to remove the border around the Header, find the line "Border:1px" and change the 1 to a 0.

Finally, in order to make sure that your old description and title don't appear, delete the text that is shown in the red. Save your changes (Or you can preview them to make sure you didn't make any mistakes).

Good luck!

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