Thursday, January 25, 2007

Top 40 List of VERY Helpful Blogs

Sorry about not updating, I couldn't find time to post an update. Here is a list of 40 websites and how they can help your blog.

1. Seth Godin - will teach you what kinds of blogs there are.

2. Bob Cragill - will teach you the value of blogging.

3. Julie Woods - will teach you why companies should monitor blogs

4. John Kindle - will teach you how to get great blogging results

5. Tom Vander Well - will answer the question - "How many readers do you need for success?"

6. Large John Brock - will tell you the importance of writing well

7. Dave Taylor - will teach you about successful business blogging

8. John Foster - will teach you about the need for common sense when blogging

9. Joseph Thornley - will teach you about introducing social media to an organization

10. Robert French - will teach you about social media

11. Jim Foster - will teach you about using blogs for sales research

12. Luis Suarez - will teach you about knowledge management

13. J.D. Iles - will teach you about blogging for local businesses

14. Dan Smith - will teach you about internal blogs helping teams to communicate

15. Dan Janal - will teach you about blogs and public relations

16. Phil Gerbyshak - will teach you about building great business relationships through blogging

17. Becky McCarty - will teach you about positioning yourself as an expert

18. Robert Rosenthal - will teach you about blogging for business relationship quality

19. Ron McDaniel - will teach you about creating buzz with your blog

20. David Meerman Scott - will teach you marketing with content

21. Christopher Salazar - will teach you about blogging interns

22. Philip Hartman - will teach you about advancing your career through blogging

23. Michael W. McLaughlin - will teach you about book blogs.

24. David Markovitz - will teach you about using a blog as a web portal

25. Debbie Weil - will teach you about top executive blogging.

26. Paul Chaney - will teach you why real estate agents have an advantage if they blog

27. Kevin O'Keefe - will teach you about word of mouth advertising on the Internet.

28. Rick Short - will teach you about blogging with the big picture in mind

29. Mark White - will teach you what to think when planning your blog

30. Richard Boyd - will teach you to not blunder when you blog

31. Meryl K. Evans - will give tips for great content and a winning blog

32. Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff, PsyD - will teach you common mistake professional bloggers make

33. Michele Corey - will teach you about strategic blogging

34. Robyn Tippins - will teach you the habits of effective bloggers

35. Tamera Kremer - will teach you how to come up with content

36. Steve Remington - will tell you if your blog stinks or not

37. Dennis McDonald - will tell you how to be skeptical, analytical and move quickly

38. Chris Garret - will tell you how hard you have to work and how dedicated you must be

39. Reg Adkins - will teach you how to get bigger advertising profits

40. Jeremy Bloom - will teach you how blogs add to sales at ecommerce sites

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