Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Series: Choosing a Blogging Platform in 2015

Looking back, I’ve covered a multitude of topics. From tips on making money, getting traffic, inspiration, SEO, to writing your blog posts. There have been basic topics to advanced topics. However, there is one basic topic which I have neglected to write on. That one topic is one of the most basic aspects of blogging. One that users contend with EVERYDAY that they blog. Only one thing could be so universal: Blogging Platforms.

What you blog on is more important then you think. Each platform has its own plusses and minuses. It is your job, the blogger, to determine which platform is best for what you want to do and what you want to write about. There is also the issue of users. Which platform is best for user interaction? Which is the most aesthetically pleasing for your readers to read your work on? Is the platform Digg, Reddit, or SEO friendly/ready?

There are also other issues to think about:

How easy is it to switch platforms? Most of the time, it is very hard to switch platforms. If you are using a free service, such as,, etc. a move between platforms will force you to change URLs and lose all of your hard earned backlinks and comments. This can be avoided by owning a Domain, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

How technologically capable are you? ome platforms are more technical, meaning they require a high level of knowledge to set up and maintain.

Tomorrow, I will address the issue of Hosted vs. Stand Alone Platforms.

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