Saturday, March 22, 2014

SEO Is No Longer The Way to Increase Page rank and Page views

I am back to writing and my first blog post will hopefully stir up some debate. The topic? SEO

I believe SEO is dying off... here's why.

Many people focus in on SEO since it is obviously a hot buzz-word and those with only a cursory knowledge of the web and search engines are hot to search for and engage in the latest and greatest SEO. But those who have been at the blogging game for a while and know the in's and out's really know that the best way to get views and new readers is to leave the confines of your blog and comment on other blogs, other forums, reddit, etc.

When I say views and readers, I don't mean one and dones that will come to your blog, read the top post, and leave. These will be people who are interested in the same subject matter (they followed you from the other blog / post to your blog, didn't they?) and will comment, stay, and make a home reading and commenting your blog. This won't come over night though. You have to establish yourself as a good voice and smart commenter and actually contribute to the conversation. Then you link your website (hopefully to blog post on the issue) and the views will come.

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