Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tip #8 - Where to put the ads

You're designing your blog and want to make some money and so you throw some ads up. Now that you have ads on your website, the money will start rolling in, right? WRONG. There are some important things that you have to do in order to maximize the chances of someone clicking on an ad. These actions are based on a report of the top-earning blogs on the internet.

  • Engadget places ads before comments but after posts on individual pages for an article, while on the main page, places ads in between each post.
  • Gizmodo places ads between posts on the main page.
  • A blog about Digital Photography puts ads on top of posts, and ads before the comments.
Google has created an image which shows the most clicked areas of a website. I have attached it for your viewing pleasure.

Look at the ads on this blog. They blend in with the text from my blog. The color of the text of the ad, the background color, and the link color all are the same in the ad as in my blog. That way, you can get accidental clicks and people interested in the ads.

Be sure to NOT ACCIDENTALLY CLICK your own adsense ads. That will probably get your account suspended permanently. Also be sure to read the Terms of Service of AdSense, so you know the do's and dont's to keep your account straight and more importantly, OPEN.

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